The environment has an important role in life because it is a major component of human life. However, gradually the environmental conditions are increasingly concerning due to human actions that are less responsible for their actions, so, causing negative impacts on the environment 🥺💔
Would you like to take part in environmental restoration? Come on, join ECOFEST: Actio Et Clima, which means “Action for The Climate”, in the program in the form of the ECOFEST Campaign Volunteer with the hope of being able to educate the wider community about the latest environmental issues or conditions as well as a place for opinion and creativity through a series of existing campaigns 🥳🤝✨
The current theme is Optimizing Climate Change Policy towards Indonesia Net Zero Emission. Let’s make your choice now!

For timeline, terms, conditions, and assessment criteria, please check the poster. Earth awaits your action today! 🙌

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